Kim K’s Baby Bumps!!

Kim Kardashian has had some fashion disasters during her pregnancy. Like honestly girl, trying to make yourself look skinny, it aint workin’. She wears skin tight clothes. She looks good but sems very uncomfortable. Sources say she has gained 65 pounds. Shes not even buying any new clothes. Come on Kim, girl you can do better than that.So she is wearing skirts that are pressing down her baby bumps. You’re pregnant, embrace it. Sources also say the she is getting plastic surgery and hypnotherapy while pregnant.What do you think? Comment below! Thats all for today.

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Ed Sheeran On Taylor Swift’s Songs About Her Exes: ‘They’re All Personal’

Hollywood Life

The singer defends Taylor’s decision to write songs about her ex-boyfriends and spills on what it’s like touring with the songstress — WATCH our interview with him right here!

Although Taylor Swift often catches a lot of flack for crooning about her ex-boyfriends and famously airing out her relationship troubles, her pal Ed Sheeran is definitely on her side! We got to chat with the 22-year-old Grammy-nominated singer before his performance at the Delta Air Lines’ private concert to kick off the opening of Delta’s redesigned Terminal 4 at JFK in NYC on May 23, where he defended Taylor’s breakup anthems. WATCH to see what else he had to say!

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Jelena is Officially Back Together!!!

I was just reading online and found out that Jelena or Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. Sources say that their taking it slow. Selena has also warned Justin that if he does anything more to mess with her emotions it won’t be good (insert sassy face). Selena although is still being careful. If I were Justin I would never get back with Selena for all the times she dissed me or talked bad about me. What do you think? Should Jelena get back together? Comment below. Thats all for now. 🙂


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VEVO Lyric Lines!! Extremely Funny

I have been watching this new video series on VEVO they’re called VEVO Lyric Lines. It’s this guy called Tommy who really wants a Girlfriend. He basically walks up to girls and for every video he uses a different artists songs. His videos are hilarious. I love watching his videos. I always laugh when a girl has a weird reaction. Sometimes when the girl likes him she’s either married or has a boyfriend.  Check him out in the link below:

Taylor Swift Sticks her tongue Out at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

As you all know the Billboard Music Awards were on TV recently. When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were backstage hugging ,Taylor Swift walked by and Stuck her tongue out like. It look like she thought something Gross was happening. Giirrrrl, what happened to the humble Taylor Swift? Look at her now with all her sass just walking by and sticking her tongue out at people. Awkward award moment. LOL. Although it was funny it was sassy. View the link to watch the moving picture.


taylor swift_400

Taylor Lautner Car Malfunction

Taylor Lautner was outside his hotel when his BMW broke down. Quite embarssing but there could be worse places for it to happen. What if he was outside a high school and a bunch of fangirls attacked him? Lautner had to call the man working at the hotel to help him. Lautner got his car fixed and observed how the man working at the hotel helped him. Lautner was dressed casually for the meeting that he had to go to after.

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When I was watching Big Time Rush on Thursday, I noticed the term “Swifted” which obviously refers to Taylor Swift. The episode was about Kendall getting dissed in a song by his ex-girlfriend Lucy. So he said I got Swifted. I started laughing when I heard Swifted since Taylor Swift writes songs about all her exes or disses them in some some way. So it was really funny when Kendall said, “I got swifted” . It was hilarious. You guys can check out the episode on TV-links.